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MRÁČEK KOVO s. r. o.

Kamenný Most 92
CZ-27326 Olovnice

Michal Mráček:
+420 606 765 721

Josef Mráček:
+420 606 717 685
+420 315 601 547


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Our services

Please, choose from our services:

High-grade Steel Processing

High quality and highly demanding appearance of the products are decisive for highly exposed structural components made of high-grade steels.

We achieve these properties by professional selection of materials and their precise processing and machining. Our highly demanding customers have been very happy with us for so many years.

Our production program consists of staircases, fences, garden gates, overhanging roofs, marquises made of high-grade steels in combination with glass and plastic materials. From racks, coat stands, partition walls and tables for clothes, made of high-grade steels with ground or polished surfaces to complete shop counters in combinations with glass and precious woods.

Steel Processing

Steel components need to be protected against corrosion by high-grade surface treatment. We are able to provide all kinds of surface finish, from electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing to powder coating.

We produce components for agriculture, such as horseboxes, accumulator containers and many special products made according to customer’s ideas and drawings. Another field of our production consists of products such as advertising signs, complete presentation stands in combination with wood, glass and plastics, or partition racks of black iron.